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Scientists Warn of Urgency Action Desperately Needed To Avert Insect Declines

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by Tony Orman Nineteen scientists from European countries such as Germany and Netherlands, USA, South Africa, Australia, Philippines and Brazil have given a strong warning about dramatic declines of insects. The warning in February 2020 and published in “Biological Conservation” … Continue reading

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How Much is a Trout Worth?

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Reprinted from “Fishing Breaks” (UK Let me ask you a question. How much is a wild brown trout worth? I suppose, at the most basic level, its value is zero as the cost of its creation, in monetary terms, was zero. Mother … Continue reading

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Fishing the Tongariro River

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The Tongariro River

By Kyle Adams

There’s been a lot already written on the Tongariro (and Taupo fly fishing in general) over the years, tons of books, magazine articles, internet pieces etc… Continue reading

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Fishing the Tauranga-Taupo River (Taupo)

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By Kyle Adams

Located roughly 10 minutes north of Turangi on SH1, the Tauranga Taupo river is a very popular and highly valued fishery among anglers. Continue reading

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