Our Mission

Our Objectives

  • To protect, enhance and foster the sport and fellowship of freshwater angling.
  • To foster the development and strength of angling clubs and like organisations, and to promote unity, liaison and exchange of information between such clubs and organisations.
  • To advocate the protection of New Zealand’s natural environment and in particular its freshwater ecosystems.
  • To advocate the protection of New Zealand’s wild trout and salmon fisheries and oppose their commercial exploitation, as a commodity, in any form.
  • To promote public awareness and understanding of New Zealand’s freshwater ecosystems and associated fish species, including native species and trout and salmon.
  • To promote continued and undiminished availability of public freshwater angling opportunity.
  • To advocate the principle of free access to fishing water on which the egalitarian pursuit of freshwater angling is founded.
  • To advocate the rights of anglers to directly participate in the administration of their sport.
  • To promote education of anglers and prospective anglers to enhance their ability to better enjoy the sport and to develop an appropriate sporting ethic.
  • To keep the public informed of any plans or proposals which may have a detrimental  effect on the natural environment of New Zealand.
  • To give support to or work in association with any other society, organisation or government agency where such support or association is desirable to ensure the better protection of the natural environment and to facilitate achievement of the Federation’s objectives.
  • To originate and distribute information by any medium which the Federation may think desirable for the promotion of its objects.