Polluted Rivers

  • Yesteryear on NZ’s once “Best Brown Trout River”.
    Well known author of trout fishing books George Ferris, in the 1950s, once described Canterbury’s  Selwyn River, in its hey-day, as being looked on as “the best brown trout river in the Dominion.” Sadly this is not the case today. An … Read more
  • Selwyn Water Zone Nitrate Testing NZFFA 2020
    Selwyn Te Waihora Water Zone 2020 NO3-N mg/L 11/01 16/02 5/03 30/04 Rakaia Huts community well 0.61 0.64 Jollies Brook 1.06 0.94 0.88 0.75 Cooper’s Lagoon 1.72 1.82 NT 1.98 Hart’s Creek 7.97 7.89 7.82 8.01 Tramway Res. Rd. (v. … Read more
  • The Rakaia River – Canterbury’s troubled water
    In 2016 the Rakaia River was judged to be the highest ranking braided river within the Canterbury region for UNESCO World Heritage or Ramsar international status. https://www.canterbury.ac.nz/media/documents/oexp-science/geography/community-engagement/geog-309/2019/GEOG309-19-The-selection-of-a-Canterbury-high-country-braided-river-for-UNESCO-World-Heritage-and-Ramsar–status,-using-multiple-combined-ranked-metholdogies.pdf A Protected River Recognizing the threat of “death by a thousand cuts” due … Read more
  • Anglers Strive To Save Degraded Rangitata River
      A petition calling for better protection for the Rangitata Fiver has been launched. Anglers are calling on Environment Canterbury to properly protect the Rangitata River as required under the river’s Conservation Order (WCO) A New Zealand Salmon Anglers Association deputation intends … Read more
  • An essay of degraded rivers that need to be fixed up
    These are a couple of photos taken on Tauhei Road, near Seiferts Road of the Mangawara Steam, the colour of the which runs around the Pukemokemoke Scenic Reserve and past the Fulton Hogan Quarry beside Tauhei Road, and then runs … Read more
  • Polluted Water from a Polluted Democracy
    why the coalition government must deliver fit for purpose freshwater standards before the election. Just another broken promise? New Zealand has an indirect democracy where every three years we elect politicians to carry out promised election policy. In 2017 the … Read more