• Europe Rivers Being Raped During Lockdown
    From “Fly Dreamers” USA The Corona crisis is a threat to the Blue Heart of Europe – the unique Balkan rivers. While Europe is in lockdown, investors are increasingly taking advantage … Read more
  • Fish and Game Has Strength and Enduring Relevance
    by Dave Witherow An article by a former NZ Fish and Game Councillor Tom O’Connor appeared in some Fairfax papers. O’Connor’s article can be seen at:- This article is by … Read more
  • Selwyn River Trout yesteryear
      by “Hare’s Ear”   Author of trout fishing books in the 1950s, the late George Ferris of Christchurch, described Canterbury’s  Selwyn River, in its hey-day, as being regarded as “the … Read more
  • River Rescue Promises Washed Up in Billions Borrowed
    What has happened to the 2017 promises by the Labour, Greens and NZ First parties – now forming government – to tangibly start the task of cleaning up the public’s … Read more
  • New Book Slams Theft of Predator Free NZ
    Book Review “Duped – The True Story behind Predator Free New Zealand”  by Les Kelly. Self published. Available from, Price $25 plus postage i.e.$29.50 for urban delivery or $33.50 for … Read more
  • Fish and Game Review Possible Opportunity?
    A former president of the Professional Fishing Guides Association sees the proposal to review Fish and Game as an opportunity to effect positive change. “It would be wise to see … Read more
  • NZFFA Backs Fish and Game
    A major trout and salmon fishing advocacy has expressed strong support for Fish and Game NZ which the Minister of Conservation and Department of Conservation propose a review of. New … Read more
  • The lost season
    After 25 March 2020 it appears that all you are likely to catch if you venture out is Covid-19. It was an interesting season. Fish and Game still struggle to … Read more
  • Selwyn Water Zone Nitrate Testing NZFFA 2020
    Selwyn Te Waihora Water Zone 2020 NO3-N mg/L 11/01 16/02 5/03 30/04 Rakaia Huts community well 0.61 0.64 Jollies Brook 1.06 0.94 0.88 0.75 Cooper’s Lagoon 1.72 1.82 NT 1.98 … Read more
  • The Rakaia River – Canterbury’s troubled water
    In 2016 the Rakaia River was judged to be the highest ranking braided river within the Canterbury region for UNESCO World Heritage or Ramsar international status.–status,-using-multiple-combined-ranked-metholdogies.pdf A Protected River … Read more
  • Insect Populations in Dramatic Decline
    Insect populations around the world are in a dramatic decline over 30 years – whereas water-based insects are not so. A team of scientists from around the world recently analysed … Read more
  • Fishy Finances
    Opinion by Rex N. Gibson: Currently the South Island fishing and game bird licence sales supply 66.6% of Fish and Game’s annual income of $10.973million. However the mainland’s six regional … Read more
  • Canterbury Water Quality Maps Viewer
    The Ecan Canterbury water zone maps look quite different to more recent over all maps [red = water quality parameters not met. Yellow = at risk. Light blue = unclassified … Read more