Call for nominations for the Executive of NZFFA 2020-2021

Call for nominations for the Executive of NZFFA 2020-2021

The NZFFA represents freshwater angling clubs across New Zealand and also has around 500 individual members.

It is an important lobby group for the interests of freshwater anglers, and their clubs, and fills a gap in advocacy for anglers especially where Fish & Game is constrained by its requirement to report to the Minister of Conservation.

The NZFFA is particularly important in advocacy for:

  1. Water quality and river flows
  2. Public access to waterways
  3. Regional Council compliance issues
  4. Opposing trout farming
  5. Improving the quality of the “Angling experience”
  6. Disseminating important information to anglers

The Executive meets annually at the AGM, and although other regional and national meetings are sometimes called, the bulk of its work is done by email. Wider communication occurs via its website, Facebook page and newsletters.

In 2019-2020 the Executive has contributed to numerous submissions, across the country, and media articles relating to anglers concerns. It has also done extensive fieldwork on nitrate levels in waterways using its “state of the art” NICO Nitrate Testing Apparatus.

If these areas of advocacy interest you feel free to seek nomination from your club or as an individual member. Membership is free; simply go to the NZFFA website to enrol.

Rex N. Gibson

Acting Secretary

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