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Making Money out of nothing at All

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Trustpower’s unlawful budgeting of Lake Coleridge’s “stored water” Canterbury anglers have seen a collapse of both the recreational and native fisheries in the lower Rakaia River since the Rakaia River National Water Conservation Order 1988 (RWCO) was amended in 2013. … Continue reading

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The Freshwater Commission – a leap of leopards?

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A leap of leopards is the term for a collection of leopards   Can a Leopard Change its Spots? The simple answer to this riddle is yes. A leopard change its location A leopard never changes it spots means that … Continue reading

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Time to measure Nation’s Well-being on Quality of Life

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Opinion by Andi Cockroft, chairman CORANZ It’s well past time when New Zealand’s economic policy was examined and any shortcomings jettisoned. For example, New Zealand could well consider ditching  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measurement of New Zealand’s progress … Continue reading

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Deceitful ESR report (with explanation)

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A Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Fonterra commissioned an investigation by New Zealand Food Safety and ESR finds it is safe to drink nitrate polluted water – Ethical independent public good science or a New Zealand version … Continue reading

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Expert Witnesses in the Environment Court (and consent Hearings) must be held to account

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Opinion by Dr Peter Trolove Rakaia river mouth 2011 Introduction The Ministry for the Environment is presently drafting legislation to replace the RMA (1991) which has been judged not fit for purpose – The Natural and Built Environments Bill. The … Continue reading

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Nitrate Testing Three Years On:

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Ecologist agree that ecosystem health begins to become affected by direct nitrate toxicity from 0.6 to 1.0 mg/L NO3-N
There are no precise limits due to a lack of studies and the influence other water quality parameters such as pH, Hardness, dissolved O2, etc..
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E-Mail to ECan Councillors

Dear Councillors
Please find the link below to our latest press release highlighting that Canterbury nitrate pollution has extended beyond environmental pollution to potentially threatening human health Continue reading

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Canterbury’s Ticking Time-bomb Over Water Nitrate Levels

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New Zealand Federation Of Freshwater Anglers (Inc.) Press release Canterbury’s Ticking Time-bomb Over Water Nitrate Levels A trout and salmon angling advocacy group has issued a stern warning over Canterbury’s water having excessive nitrate levels which are toxic to both … Continue reading

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The Canterbury Regional Council’s (Ecan’s) Annual Goundwater Quality Survey 2020.

Groundwater quality survey released | Environment Canterbury ( The 2011 – 2020 ten year trends in Canterbury’s groundwater quality, released by Ecan in July 2021, show no evidence that Ecan is a credible manager of this region’s groundwater. So far … Continue reading

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Why Ecan’s approach to freshwater management is doomed to fail

At the recent Braid Conference at Lincoln University, a retired hydrologist of 60 years’ experience recently summed up the reason why Ecan is unable to manage Canterbury’s freshwater; It is necessary to understand that braided rivers, their riparian margins and … Continue reading

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