Canterbury Water Issues

  • The Rakaia River – Canterbury’s troubled water
    In 2016 the Rakaia River was judged to be the highest ranking braided river within the Canterbury region for UNESCO World Heritage or Ramsar international status.–status,-using-multiple-combined-ranked-metholdogies.pdf A Protected River Recognizing the threat of “death by a thousand cuts” due … Continue reading
  • Canterbury Water Quality Maps Viewer
    The Ecan Canterbury water zone maps look quite different to more recent over all maps [red = water quality parameters not met. Yellow = at risk. Light blue = unclassified and can be found at the link below: or you … Continue reading
  • National Water Conservation (Rakaia River) Order 1988 – Lake Coleridge Project
    At a recent meeting of the Canterbury executive of the New Zealand Freshwater Anglers, NZFFA, (some of whom are also North Canterbury and Central South Island Fish & Game Councillors or executive members of the New Zealand Salmon Anglers Association, … Continue reading
  • The Canterbury Dairy Industry’s Impure Advantage
    Forward This article for the NZFFA has grown from my attempted contribution to the PureAdvantage organisation. Taking the lead from the “criteria for PureAdavantage contributions”, I have included many hyperlinks to support my comments. Introduction On Saturday 15 February … Continue reading
  • The Canaries in the Mine
    The Federation of Freshwater Anglers Inc. (NZFFA) has long believed that one of the major factors in the dramatic demise of the trout populations across the Canterbury Plains has been increasing nitrate levels in those streams and rivers that remained … Continue reading