NZFFA Interim Survey Results – Unabridged Comments

, NZFFA Interim Survey Results – Unabridged Comments

In addition to completing the simple Q&A survey, participants were also asked if they had any other comments. Some did, some chose not to.

Below are the unabridged responses with only names redacted where entered.

“Nothing to add”

“No thanks “

“Angler s”

“This seriously reduces the say that anglers and hunters get in the running of their organisation. “


“I am most concerned that the management of F&G is politically as free as possible from Govt. interference so that it can continue its work in environmental protection. To quote the Executive Summary of the Review “”It should be noted that there is much public good and the activity of F&G is notable in the areas of environmental Protection. In particular, F&G pay a crucial role defending waterways and water quality in the environment Court process ‘. Further it is well known that ‘trout are a very good barometer of water quality.”

“North Canterbury fish and game get to keep all licences fees from north Canterbury to help save our north Canterbury rivers and fisheries “

“The funding model for Fish and Game also needs to be looked at to reduce the tension on reducing fishing/shooting limits impacting license sales”

“There is no need for a national council. Each of the 6 regions can be self funding and represent that regions interests. There needs to be acknowledgement by Fish and Game that the salmon and lowland trout fishery is in collapse! No fish= no licence sales= NO FISH AND GAME.”

“Whether it be up to Fish & Game or any other government ministries – please take some serious action to stop & reverse the degradation of our waterways. They are all talk and no trousers as far as I am concerned and seem to be mostly willing to address the symptoms but not the causes. The irrigation & greening of the Mackenzie Country for dairy is a travesty and a tragedy – it should never, never of effing happened and that goes for the rest of the country. I do not know when they’ll will finally realise how precious our water is – for all the nature that depends on it and us for survival. It has taken a mere 20 years to turn this country’s waterways (and angling) into a shadow of its former self. “

“Did either of review panelists hold fishing or hunting licence? If the answer is ‘no’ how can they understand the ethos behind the sports?
Why did their interview panel seem so restricted. Shouldn’t thy have listened to the fishing and hunting public? Otherwise the review lacks credibility.”

“The original report into the setting up of F&G highlighted the importance of local representation in decision making…

These govt recommendations are in direct conflict with the original intent of the original report… the govt recommendations are nothing short of a watering down of the governance of F&G against the original intentions of the original report…
One could be forgiven for any deap suspicion…”

“if the DOC does take control of the management of fish and game and fish and game are effectively absorbed into DOC in the way of appointing a chair and counselors, the need for licensing and fees will become redundant. If a taxpayer-funded organization takes over for an autonomous body funded by users the need for license fees is no longer valid. With the DOC lack of interest in the past for protecting freshwater, we need to keep fish and game independent and strong to fill the role of water advocate. “


“As license holders fund F&G entirely, license holders should be consulted before any changes contemplated by the Minister of Conservation are implemented.
Ray Grubb has a conflict of interest and should resign from his newly created paid role to implement changes desired by the Minister.
Thank you NZFFA for initiating this survey”

“F&G please sort yourselves out! Govt just keep out. How can the treaty be involved in this? Just pay a licence and vote and this goes for anyone. Democracy please!”

“We need more on the ground field staff and less people managers and governors at F&G. “

“Keep Fish and Game as a seperate entity as DOC has inept management and hierarchy as clearly shown with the Tahr cull and constant use of 1080. It should be a wholly seperate entity with no say from Central Government ,as none have shown any respect for our lakes rivers and wetlands.”

“The pollution of our rivers and freshwater resources is utterly shameful! We’re well past the tipping point and must do all we can to implement strategies to stop degradation and improve the health of our waterways.”

“Fish & Game are able to levy a subscription so those paying in should have a good deal of say especially around voting who should represent them. Paying a sub should entitle members have their views consulted on, i.e. not informed on, but with equal opportunities for influencing the outcome, genuine consultation.”

“Anything that the government gets involved in we lose out. No special place for “” maori””.Maori never signed the treaty. The people pre treaty recognized as “”New Zealanders did, along with the Crown.”

“National Council should not be able initiate any policy without majority acceptance of the Regional Council’s “

“I think that externally imposed change is appropriate, because for reasons as noted in the report, F&G seems to be incapable of changing itself.
The unequal distribution of income is a glaring issue.
Externally appointed professional Directors may help the organisation to overcome regional or sector group pressures, but local Councils need better connection with their communities than four elected members, particularly where regions have been combined.
Too much control put in the hands of a Minister of Conservation would be a disaster if a PM like John Key was elected in future, and was able to actively interfere to weaken F&G, as happened with DoC. F&G did advocacy work that was the job of DoC, but Key had prevented them from doing their job.”

“I agree that councillors should be paid but it must be all councillors or none”

“F&G needs to be run by its licence holders ( elected by by licence holders)
They should have the capability to close or change fishery without ministerial agreements.
They should receive government funding to help run the organisation. After all it has a large expenditure associated with it and a large tax gathering base.
Why should Iwi have a big say as the fish and game was not a customary resource they used to use?
Too much government imput as( half the councillors ))will make the organisation to political.
In Canterbury environment Canterbury should be the watch dog for environmental issues and F&G should beable to concentrate on their role without having to do ECAN’s job as well. “

“Leave well alone.. As trout and salmon are introduced species this will be a subject of hot debate if Iwi are govt appointed.”

“The current system works well enough as it is so why make change for change sake. “

“I believe strongly that all the positions on all Fish & Game Councils and National Council should be elected licences holders and that Fish & Game should remain a non-Government body, we do not need or want any pollical nominated people have any influence on Fish & Game activities. “

“The fish and Game organisation, and its predecessor, have in the main done a great job managing the resource. If past performance is anything to go by, DoC will only cock it up. The last thing we want is some pen-pushing bureaucrat running our sport with all the PC nonsense that goes with it. I can’t understand how the present F&G regime folded so easily. Reminds me of the lead shot issue!”

“The hunters and fishers to run the organisation from electing the councils”

“The government has not been our friend, “

“need change especially around how funding is distributed, with more remaining in the regions to and comply with F&G’S statuary obligations”

“I think the minister of conversation should stay well out of the discussion making process. We pay a very expensive licensing fee to fish our rivers and lakes we have a right to elect who we want on the the committee “

“It is vitally important to raise the standards of governance in the organisation particularly at the national level. The ‘fish rots from the head’ as the Chinese proverb says. The gridlock and suboptimal decision making that is inherent in the current structure has resulted in a highly fragmented organisation, a financial management system that lacks integrity and has resulted in a maldistribution of resources and a gross waste of licence holders funds, and has ceded control of the organisation to a small cartel of regional managers who are accountable to no one but their own inclinations.”

“I’m concerned with the minister appointing persons,in regards to some persons have industry affiliations such as federated farmers where their interests lay with continued pollution of NZ waterways to make a buck”

“This belongs to all kiwis , that cannot change “

“DOC would have an actual conflict of interest if they were to have a significant influence on the running of Fish and Game. DOC Management of the Taupo fishery makes no sense and it should be run by Fish and Game.”

“All current licence holders to automatically get mailed ballot papers for all Fish & Game elections – and all Fish & Game income to stay within region from which it was raised.”

“Current system is working ok!Why change it?”

“fg needed a shake up cronyism has been rife as has conflict of interest and the minisiter has been lied to when it comes to salmon management in the the central south island region its clear self interest has in some areas taken precedent over best science but unless we get our water ways in better condition there will be nothing to manage so change will achieve nothing dirty dairying is just that and to gloss it over because it upsets the red neck farmers is nothing short of capitulation”

“Every licence holder is a stakeholder and must be consulted before any changes are made to Fish and Game New Zealand.
We as licence holders have a constitutional right to be consulted.
No consultation is a denial of Human Rights.
D O C should not have any input or control of Fish and Game.”

“who or how will the “”minister”” elected chair be paid from, not license fees!!! and the same goes for all other “”paid”” members of councils? F&G regional staff members are paid from license fees, but have you seen some of the fancy 4×4 cars they drive, who pays for that? Pajero Sport, with leather seats etc etc…that should come to an end. A rugged 4×4 is all that is needed. openness as to where the license fees are spent. i have heard that 1 F&G region does not sell enough licenses in a year to cover the salary of 1 staff member, is that true? change is needed, bureaucracy is not, and especially if it just going to continue to be top heavy, 4 elected and 4 appointed to the council…shit man, we needs good blokes on the ground not more “”in a meeting meeting shiny shoes”” type of people. we now have a chance to do it, and do it right we must. “

“The number of elected councillors should outnumber those appointed on each Council.
If appointed councillors are to be paid the so should those elected by licence holders.
Appointed councillors should primarily be sought from the pool of Fish and Game licence holders, as far as practically possible.
The suitability of perspective candidates that are either nominated or apply to be considered for a appointed Councilor position should be evaluated against a transparent essential skills and capability criteria list.
If a maximum amount of service time is set for a both elected and appointed councillors then this should preferably be planned/ staggering to avoid comple replacement of all councillors at the same time, which could cause unnecessary disruption. “

“Keep DOC and its Minister out of fish and game management in NZ.”

“Gov bodies should be held accountable for protection of our environment these are crucial times, every effort should be made for improvement not manipulative degradation.”

“Require fencing to keep livestock out of our rivers.”

“I am a British Citizen residing in UK and have visited NZ for extended fishing holidays x7 times in the last 20 years…. I worship your beautiful country and its people, and I am concerned about the declining condition of your waterways and their fishing… having witnessed huge elements of destruction to our own rivers here in UK I would urge all you controlling bodies to act now to halt the issues effecting your waters, and ensure that they are never again put under threat… you have rivers and lakes which are the envy of the world and must ensure they they remain so!
I hope you can succeed in doing so…
Best wishes
***** ****** . Worcester UK”

“F and G has always been for fishers and hunters by fishers and hunters. Until such time the Govt puts funding into f and g it should keep its undemocratic nise out of it.”

“This is A DOC takeover!”

“Elected representatives are important but how do we prevent the councils been over run by groups with alternative goals… Eg ECan and the non-elected people who bullied unsustainable water takes through”

“It is not possible to answer these questions until we know what the Minister finally decides on the qualifications for elected and appointed members, size of Councils etc. There is a comprehensive consultation process happening right now and NZFFA should ask to be part of it”

“Fishing should be free for all”

“The last question on the mandatory answers page is about restricting involvement to six years. I think it should be less than that – 4 years.
There should not be anyone, except perhaps the minister, having decision making power who does not have a long term, intense history of personal involvement in the recreations over which he/she is required to make decisions. It takes a long time to get an informed base to make decisions from. We need scientists etc to help inform the decision makers but recreational participants are imperative as decision makers.”


“Fish and Game while a great idea has become a disorganised highly paid disaster who appears to work AGAINST the interests of those it is supposed to represent”

“F&G is for fishers and hunters. And it should be constituted to adequately represent their views and requirements. Therefore the Minster of Conservation should only have limited powers to intervene on fishers’ views, or to appoint councillors who might be contrary to and inclined to oppose those views. The Minister should not have the power to over-ride. I say this because I did not trust the motives of the previous Minister who came to the role with an ideology that could be at odds with fishers’ (and hunters’) views and requirements. I feared that in this circumstance we would not be listened to. F&G should be constituted to ensure protection from ideological and fixed ideas.”

“We must have and keep the democratic way of running the F & G council .”

“Dougal Matravers, had written a very long anything else but it timed out and lost the content. I will be furious if i cant stand for council and that would be North Canterbury Fish and game council in the future, i had set it as a goal and had been learning everything possible and every aspect whilst my passion is salmon angling i had been learning everything for a number of years and was lucky enough to have been taught a lifetime of our sports fishery management and game bird knowledge already all my life from many previous Acclimatisation society, north canterbury f&g, NC rangers and many older anglers due to my father, including habitat and environment etc. Whilst i totally agree more professionalism and good sound knowledge is needed as an angler all my life and spending time on both sides of the river (fence) i will be gutted that i would possibly only ever have a very slime chance get now stand for and on my local F&G council. I will noe have to join s fishing club or Association. My comments on this review and matter are contained in this post from Facebook, complete angler group including some review
Oversights.” Dead Link ~mod

“Fish and Game have managed many parts of their duties very well, particularly Conservation, Environment and legalities with submissions on water , Dams, pollution and care for the fish and game birds.These sports are mostly using introduced wildlife and the present Dept of Conservation attitude to introduced sport wildlife needs relaxing and more considered thought.
The issue is the administration and strange relationship between individual councils and the National Council.
Hence I support most of the proposed changes.”

“We need less F&G councils but not 6 properly 8 or so. Also need less people on each council but all elected.
PS I have been a F&G councilor and Chairman”

“I , particularly do not like the possibility of ministerial and DOC control of Fish and Game ,that should remain independent.
The whole review is an attempt to take over Fish and Game,probably by the minister of the environment.
I served as a Fish and Game councilor for three terms.
Please respect my anonymity.”

“The key issue not asked in this survey is do we agree with the reasons for conducting the review. I for one do. The present system is a croc, run by an incompetent council that is built on a self serving undemocratic model.
Two other valid questions are (1) what do you think the Ministerial appointees function should be? and (2) If democracy in the old model was so important the why did only about 3.5% of licence holders vote for councilors in recent elections?”

“Nz has a unique fish and game reality. Don’t muck it up with patently obvious socio political agendas. “

“Push F&G to run a similar but more comprehensive survey of its licence holders on all the recommendations. “

“I think clear guidelines need to be established between the NZFGC and regional councils with regards to what each others roles are.
There needs to be clear regulations on how funds are allocated to each region taking into account how many license holders are in each district. For example the west coast region has a lower number of licence holders than canterbury but has a large region to cover so obviously they would need a boost to cover there costs.”

“The recommendation that the Minister be given the power to remove a councilor needs to be clarified: On what basis or reason can a person be removed?
Without clarification the Minister could decide to remove council members ad-hoc if they have a specified agenda they want the NZFGC to follow.
Likewise being able to amend the Act should only be done if the NZFGC and FGC’s all approve of the amendment – “”a due process””.
Overall the recommendations have a valid basis to improve Fish and Game in NZ however full consultation with members needs to be completed to ensure everyone knows what the consequences/changes are and their impacts going forward. “

“Strongly believe Nation Body should comprise of Regional Chairman or nominee of the Regional entity. This would ensure seamless integration between National and Regional bodies. I was a Regional Chairman of the Central Division of NZ Pharmacy Guild and an Executive Councilor of the national body. ( VP) This structure worked exceptionally well. I have also served as Chairman of a $100m drug company and understand governance issues extremely well. I have also served three terms in local body politics and well understand the ineptitude of many elected representatives. Generally speaking the regional chairman will be the best or close to the best of the group.
The National Group should be the overall authority and the Regional Bodies for local input. The professional staff should be employed under a National structure allowing for advancement within the overall entity. The National body should consist of 10 to 12 members , paid travel and meetings expenses. At the very least, a quorum should be 6. Health, travel difficulties and personal circumstances make a group meeting at times challenging with a group of eight or less. For instance, airport closure due to fog! “

“In addition to the agenda for changes to F&G as a whole two factors should in my opinion be taken into consideration.
(1) The potential consequences of climate change over the next 50 years and management structures required to alleviate damage. Loss of habitat resulting in species extinction regionally and nationally. This may well necessitate the appointment of wardens, bailiffs and or keepers to cover local change and resulting management strategy.
(2) I believe that there will be a large problem with the “”Predator Free”” programme as seen by many pro “”Go Native at all Cost”” zealots. Rats, mice. stoats, cats, possums we can all agree with. Rabbits would be added by farmers as have canada geese. Pro conservationists will add all game fish as unwanted species as they will ungelents. The means of eradication of pest species will most certainly effect “”Game species”” (See DoC and the use of “”Rotenone”” in fresh water as a tool to eradicate fresh water pests resulting in total eradication of all oxygen breathing life forms.
In conclusion these two items require that the most careful choice of F&G reform be undertaken. The who, what and where of responsibilities and consequences need much due diligence and consideration to insure that future generations have access to the resources that provide fishing and hunting in New Zealand.”

“Fish and Game was setup with the special role of looking after Hunters and Fishers without Goverment interference and funding.This is why it works as people running are there,it not for money. “

“Putting power into ministerial hands weakens the at the coal face input. Ministers consultations can be tainted by self interest and the interest of well funded pressure groups to the detriment of overall outcomes. This is a retrograde step IMHO”

“No “

“That a 8 region model be looked at based on users and income. 5 in south island and 3 in north island. That the regions council be made of 8 elected and have a ministerial appointed chairman in each region with staff and governance expertise.”

“Do not put Fish&Game in the hands of DoC.”

“This review go far beyond the brief”

“Think things do need a bit. Shake up. But it’s up to the members. Don’t want gov member ship.”

“The recommendations guarantee political control of the management of New Zealand’s fish & game. There is no need for a compulsory Maori involvement. This is the most insulting ‘review’ and set of recommendations imaginable.”

“Need to ensure a good balance of anglers and game hunters on the councils. Not loaded with one group or too many that do both. Also need to sort out funding balance too much Canterbury money going to head office”

“more work needs to be done with our rivers lakes , lowland rivers in canterbury are in sad state , we need a more friendly relationship with farmers to ensure access and river health ,,working together is the best way “

“The current system is “”creaky”” but it works. There is clearly a need for more formal training of the volunteers, and a need for dialogue with iwi, but that is easily accomplished within the existing framework. Since it is not broken, why change the status quo? Paying appointed board members will inevitably result in a huge fee increase, and raises equity issues – why pay appointed members to do the same job as elected members? All should be paid alike – or not be paid at all. In addition, appointed members will be subject to overt political interference, for example, a green minister being able to direct that hunting be banned, and appointees will be subject to change at the whim of the Minister.”

“I was a councillor on the West Coast Fish & Game council for around 3 years. I find it appalling that the Minister can rifle through these decisions without full stakeholder collaboration on acting on any of the recommendations, let alone all of them. This appears to be a consented effort to undermine the F&G council and path the way to major changes with regard to our valued fish and game resources. “

“There will be some casualties with the review and its implementation, hopefully some of the CEO’s around the country are amongst them.
We need change as the current “”democratic election”” is anything but in some regions, due to lack of voters or standing councilors.
There are a number of councilors in a number of regions who are past their use by date. Similarly – we need councilors to understand the difference between management and governance. We have councilors who should be governing but instead mess in managing of their assets (fish or fowl etc.) which is the job of staff.
We need more staff!”

“There are obvious improvements which could be made, none are present in these proposals. “

“I think streamlining councils and having appointed expertise in governance can only help the overall function of F& G.
Ive heard the views expressing concern about politics interfering in F&G. There is no foundation for this and scaremongering along these lines is ill informed.”

“Be VERY careful that the control of our freshwater sports fishery is not handed over to the govt.
As Ronald Regan said, the 8 most terrifying words in the English language: “”I’m from the government, I’m here to help””.”

” to register our disgust at the govt wanting to run our user pays user says organisation. I suggest an online petition! And organizing demonstrations”

“I have little confidence in DOC being impartial or competent to be involved with F&G issues. This is based on personal recent experience relating to the Whakapapa River access.
I understand the political climate towards iwi involvement but disagree with non license holders or fee non-payers having influence on F&R related issues. Likewise I have reservations about government appointed board members having our best interests at heart.”

“Fish & Game must remain in the control of the angling and hunting community under regional councils and national council members elected by license holders.
The Anglers and hunters are at the coal face so to speak and are the eyes to monitor changes in their environments not people making decisions sitting behind computers.”

“We need to stay TOTALLY independent from government intervention !!!”

“Having been involved with F &G in the past for 3 elected terms as a volunteer the last thing they need is government intervention.
Yes it is an old boys club.
Yes they need some guidance.
But definitely not from a Government appointment from a department that has no experience in what or why F &G represents.”

“I agree with some of the smaller North Island regions amalgamating but not all of them. Southland and Otago is one that shouldn’t as an example. “

“Practically everything the government gets involved in turns to shit, we need much less government at every level national and local. Remember the famous words of President Ronald Regan; the most feared words in the English language “”I am from the government and I am here to help you”” and be very afraid.”

“Ministerial appointments are and can become far too political changing when a government does. Also bureaucracy becomes prelevant and costly.”

“Anyone with a position of responsibility in NZFFA must have a background of freshwater fishing.”

“Remember what happened in 1972 when the Government tried to introduce trout farming….don’t mess with anglers/hunters politically.”

“Why does the survey not require feedback on Recommendations 21 & 22? I do not necessarily agree with the push to give Maori greater rights or power regarding introduced species in the future, such as the removal of trout from waterways. I do hope that Recommendation 21 & 22 are Legislative changes that require further debate. Surely NZ is a multi-cultural country where all settlers including Maori have a right to discuss and debate important issues concerning all people?”

“Govement departments and appointees are politically apointed and on a whole have no relevant interest or dedication to the well being of the group except to please their political masters”

“Tell the government their meddling in F and G affairs is not appreciated”

“Nothing else thanks “

“Please improve water quality”

“Fish and Game is entirely funded by anglers and shooters for the benefit of license holders. It is absolutely repugnant and flies in the face of natural justice to have control removed from these stake holders with no process or right for review without recourse to the courts.
If license fees are seen as a revenue collection exercise by license holders compliance will decline and revenue will fall.
Why must I, as a license holder pay fees to a government appointed administrator in whom I do not necessarily have confidence in.
License holders are also voters – perhaps it is time to wrest back control of our destiny.”

“F&G long overdue for a shakeup and fresh blood. Like many organisations, it can become controlled by a few with strong barrows to push often more based on passion and heart than brain and facts-important yes but has to be a mix or we just get branded as radical-if we’re not “”in the tent”” for discussions then we run the risk of being sidelined from critically important decisions about our future fishing environment. “

“Fish and Game need more legal powers to enforce requirements on individuals, land owners and businesses for the protection of the fishing and hunting resources in all regions of New Zealand.
The funds that fish and game have allocated, should be equally distributed to all the regions! A higher percentage should not be allocated to one or two regions and others left to flounder due to the lack of funds.
To enable fish and game to manage, protect and build on the fishing and hunting resources in New Zealand they require more staff and resources which requires more funds. Better funding and sponsorship is required and needed.”

“Now is the time to act! The only permanent thing we have is Change! Doing nothing is worse than what we currently do!”

“My main objection is that Gisborne regions member can be voted on by votes from outside the Gisborne district.. Frank Murphy.”

“I am concerned about the current trend of making separate issues for Maori. The races are now so mixed that I would prefer for all to be regarded as New Zealanders, with the right of those who so wish to be able to live in their chosen ways. My brother’s wife is 1/8th Maori, their children can go to the mutton bird islands, but their father cannot. Do these people who want traditional fishing rights want to do so with traditional bone hooks and flax lines? “

“I agree that the number of regions should be reduced to 3 in both islands, but the amalgamation of regions must reflect ease of management and relate to where most domestic anglers are likely to orginate from. I.e. it makes no sense that the Haast area is included in Nelson / Marlborough / West Coast. The Sthn West Coast up to Mt Hercules should be managed from the Southern region. From Mt Hercules to the Taramakau Rv should be managed from the Central Region and north should be managed as part of the Nthn Region.
Proposing to pay appointee/ councillors to the NZ Council while elected councillors will not be paid is a recipe for division, discrimination and disaster. Either all councillors get paid or no councillors get paid.
Until such time as there are some clear proposals for how any future changed Fish and Game organisation will be adequately funded, the most significant changes proposed in the review are just ‘pipe-dreams’ that are doomed to fail if funding isn’t properly addressed first.”

“I believe that having conservation ministers involved in fish and game decisions is a conflict of interest. Trout are regarded as a pest by some. Also I have local iwi who opposed a trout release on a post flood effected river so will not be backing their involvement.”

“the ministerial appointed positions should not equate to the number of elected. possibly 2 appointed and one iwi to the 4 elected.”

“All I want is common sense to prevail, I do not want this to become an “”Us and Them”” senario”

“Anglers are under represented in decision making positions. Contextual knowledge matters. Nuanced responses to issues require contextual knowledge. “

“Please, keep New Zealand fishing as awesome as it is”

“Sport fishing in NZ must be managed and governed by the people of NZ who utilise, participate and fund the resource and this should not be driven by political ideology or along any race based line.”

“The current model is complicated and infested with parochial, self interested parties. The continual deterioration of our water quality and the destruction of river beds to support protection of agricultural land, are just two examples where the current governance model has clearly failed. More central influence should balance out the regional priorities and ensure that we continually look at the bigger picture in relation to where game fishing sits as part of an overarching Conservation strategy for NZ. “

“Why did the government take so long to act if they knew that there was a “long standing dysfunction “?”

“Little doubt F&G needs to change to be effective. Regional management system is seriously flawed but License holders should remain in control. We must do everything democratically possible to resist this power grab by DOC.”

“I strongly appose DoC pushing control over F&G. I question the legality of a government department taking over a privately funded body. What kind of recompense will hunters and fishers that have for the time effort and money that they have put into a body that DoC quite clearly intends on dismantling? “

“Generally I approve of the ‘recomendations’ but , I am totally opposed to the proportion of non elected appointees . Elected councilors should represent a majority Also there is a strong likely hood that the two elected local councillors ( on average ) from each current region , being part of the 4 in the new regions , will have a much increased workload, in order to become familiar and represent the all concerns ,of the district they represent . A task that would have been (theoretically at least ) shared amongst 24 under current format . There is no mechanism revealed to determine; the neutrality or independence , the public accountability , or the performance of Appointees “

“Clearly it is time for a change. I may be in the STRONG MINORITY but we cant continue with the existing management arrangements. We currently have a situation that allows better access and fishing prospects to overseas visitors (when the borders are open) then our “”joe”” average NZ’der. The existing freshwater conditions are unacceptable. We need strong government intervention to both control and fund changes that will hopefully provide good access and conditions for all. I am a former F & G honorary Ranger with 10 yrs plus experience and believe I have a reasonable understanding of this matter.”

“Iam happy to Pay a fee to maintain and enhance my enjoyment of our wonderfull hunting and fishing environment in NZ.
But extremely concerned about politically appointed peoples unknown motives ??? “

“We have found ourselves in this mess because we haven’t been on top of the game and not been watching the changes happening to the management of our natural resources. We as a fraternity have few friends in the current Government and even fewer in the opposition who matter. So I find it difficult to see how we recover some ground unless we speak as one voice and make it an election issue. if that is the strategy we have to figure what we MUST win and what we are prepared to give a way. Fighting over the number on Regional councils would be a good example of the latter.
Fish and Game’s position as been undermined by a combination of fighting in some regions and in finding itself in conflict with NZFFA! NZFFA needs a way to support F & G and fight it. Else we will be picked off by the Greens and the IWI partners.”

“I find this repeated action by Government ,to intervene (take over) an organisation which functions very well and has done for a long time, very disappointing. The hunters and fishers themselves have some intelligent members within their ranks and are passionate about their sport and the environment. It begs the question why does government believe these proposed changes are necessary? This is the thin end of a wedge towards total Government control. “

“Very concerned that the acting Minister of conservation can accept all recommendations without consultation with end users.
What experience does she have?
Typical of this government, they know best.”

“I cannot see a clear link between Conservation and hunting and fishing when we know that modern conservationists are in general anti sport? Shouldn’t our sport be administered by the Minister of Sport and Recreation? Or at least they should have some say along with Conservation?”

“While I think some reforms of F&G are necessary effective control of F&G by a Minister of the Crown is a absolute retrograde development.”

“I think that the decisions need to be made by people who understand fishing and hunting from a regional perspective ie: those who are out there in the regions seeing the signs and activity should be making decisions in that region ie: local decisions only.
Also from a practical knowledge base. I believe that most hunters are responsible, and work to maintain a environment where their children and grandchildren will also be able to hunt and fish.”

“I do not agree with many of our trout streams and rivers that have been changed to spinner fishing. Many of theses areas are spawning areas and spinner fishing decimates the trout population. As a fly fisherman, I use barbless hooks whenever possible and the spinner treble hooks kill many fish. I have found numerous big trout dead with mouth wounds due to treble hooks.”

“Let me say first that I neither believe in any representation based on the Treaty of Waitangi nor as a political push for gender balance. Over many years of hunting and fishing I have witnessed a general decline in participation for both sports. This is a worrying trend since hunting and fishing are facing three powerful opponents: animal rights, anti firearm and a green lobby which regards introduced fish and game as unwanted pests. To halt these powers at bay is purely a political numbers game. The more participant numbers drop the future of our sports becomes less assured. The governance issues that have bedevilled F&G are well known and are more easily sorted out than to halt the decline in participation. For that we need a courageous, visionary and single-minded strategy. My first suggestion is to strongly engage with Maori for the following reasons:
a. As traditional hunter/gatherers hunting and fishing is highly valued
b. There is a much higher percentage of hunters and fishers among Maori that with any other ethnic group
c. High numbers of young participants
d. A great deal of Maori land is ideal habitat for fish and game
e. Maori tradition is strong on environmental protection and resource conservation
f. Maori political heft is growing
g. Hunting and fishing are natural race relation builders. On the river or in a bush hut we all want the same thing and quickly forget the outside world.
h. Maori primarily hunt and fish for food which is really the only defensible argument against animal rights activism.
Whilst I do not believe in ministerial appointments I would strongly advocate for Fish and Game to find ways to attract good numbers of Maori councillors and foster a genuine relationship with Iwi.
My second pool of neglected participants are women. We live in modern times and women have branched out in all sorts of hitherto male dominated sports and professions. They make half of our population!!! This has already been recognised by the trade and associated media which are increasingly catering for this new market. Hunting and fishing are still blood sports and whilst many women are more sensitive many nevertheless enjoy eating wild food. Obtaining such high value foods and preparing it into delicious meals has become a much publicised modern activity. Hunting and fishing often takes place in pristine settings away from crowds and social media distractions. Even without success such setting are in themselves a great inspiration and women are particularly appreciative. I know several single mums who have taken up fishing to offer their sons a “”father”” activity. When you think about it each one of the above are in itself a separate recruitment pool. Now even if any of my above mentioned points don’t apply at the very least we must work hard to prevent them being captured by those who threaten our sport. Can anyone really imagine government appointed councillors have the passion, interest or the determination to engage with such a marathon task.
My final comment concerns the F&G /DOC relationship. The only thing both agencies have in common is that a lot of hunting and fishing takes place on the DOC estate and even there these sports are barely tolerated. Philosophically the two organisations are worlds apart with one valuing and managing introduces fish and game while the other regards them as noxious species and is constantly undermining them in the public arena. I would dearly like to see Fish and Game removed from DOC and placed either in its own ministry or within the ministry for sports.
So here you have my views. The salient point is that if we can not grow our numbers it really does not matter how many regions or councillors the reports recommends. More and more adverse public and political pressure will be exerted by our opponents to try to snuff us out.
Kind regards
**** ********”

“Just yet another Govt takeover “

“I do not want any Ministerial appointments to the Fish and game council accept Iwi.
I do not want to see D.O.C. having anything to do with Fish and Game Governance, all they are interested in is money
D.O.C. has lost its way and is doing a terrible job managing the Conservation estate.
D.O.C. does not know if it is Tourist operator(there to make money fleecing tourists) or the a Conservation Dept.
It can’t be both
Because of this confusion it is successfully destroying the support of hunters, fishers, trampers and mountaineers.
That was not always the case in the past”

“That the experience and understanding by Fish and Game of the need for the conservation and protection of New Zealand wildlife are not sacrificed for political expediency.”

“Fund fish & game “

“Public conservation lands should be accessible to all Kiwi’s and immigrants that choose to make a life in New Zealand. It’s preservation for responsible use is key to a future of an outdoor lifestyle accessible to all. Stakeholders that live an outdoor life and feel strongly about it preservation should form a major part of the decisionmaking process of its future.”

“Fish and game is democracy in action. Anything else is a power grab from government which will be the end of the organisation as we know it. “

“Democratic governance is paramount and must be retained over the Government Appointed member principle.”

“Governance should be by elected members only ~ we have seen with many decisions on a number of matters by past Minister’s that they cannot be trusted to protect the interests of stakeholders.”

“Couldn’t find many trout this season. Where does the license money go?”

“While I am for holding F&G responsible for inefficient practices, I believe each region (especially for fishing) is unique and needs to be governed by local regional fish and game organizations. Folding multiple regions into one organization will hurt rather than help the condition of our fisheries. I think it’s a dangerous precedent to set to allow DOC dictate f&g regulations. “

“As a former F&G councillor I definitely think it’s time for a major shake up in the fishery management system. As it stands it’s severely underfunded and totally incapable of doing what its charged with under law. Definitely would not want to see any reduction in operational staffing, however it’s restructured – we need a LOT more staff, in my opinion. The question is, as I see it, whether meaningful national fisheries management can actually be achieved without bringing the organisation into the public sector.”

“When the review was announced they said there wouldn’t be a law change. Now law changes are proposed in a number of areas. Neither the Minister (nor DoC) should try to diminish the independence of F&G Councils – that is not part of ‘modernisation’. F&G Councils should be asked to make changes to their governance arrangements without requiring law changes. Surely Government has got better things to do with its legislative programme than tinker with F&G Conservation Act provisions. If the review were implemented as recommended F&G Councils would become little better than advisory Conservation Boards.”

“We need to look after our rivers. The big issues include pollution from farm run off especially dairy, water abstraction, low fees for licenses for foreigners, and guides taking foreigners to special NZ places for money!!!!”

“keep DOC as far away from the fishing side off things the bastards cant even run the hunting etc side of things, i can see the bastards going to the canals and seeing to many trout and going bugger this lets 1080 them ,”

“The people of this country are supposed to be equal in all aspects with no more or less rights than anyone else, because of the singling out of one particular group, there is now more division and prejudice than there was 60 years ago and to me that is a shame!”

“That the government stop interfering with fish and game and that DOC have no involvement as their record for looking after NZ ‘s wildlife and the environment is appalling.”

“It would be good to understand the selection criteria for the appointed governance positions.
It is evident that FGC needs a refresh, particularly when it comes to partnership with Maori. “

“I do think ewi should be represented on all councils “

“There is no way in ???? that I am going to pay a licence fee ( I would rather pay a fine – not likely since the last time I was asked for a licence was 1981) that is going to be used in part to fund honorariums for political appointees. Have IWI ever contributed anything to the millions of dollars of legal costs incurred by F & G in trying to protect fresh water over the last how many decades?”

“Guides need to pay more in fees, concessions and licenses. They also need to be held more accountable for their clients and having backcountry endorsements. “

“Thanks for the opportunity to submit “

“I have submitted an email directly to the Minister of Conservation re the review regarding lack of due process and loss of F&G license holders ability to provide direction to F&G ( Funded by license holders)”

“Amazing that Fish & Game are not even interested in asking their licence holders what they think. Thank you NZFFA for acknowledging our existence. “

“F & G elected members in position for too long. All license holders to automatically be enrolled to vote. Tendency to be interested in fishing only. eg Blatant disregard of hunters interests using sub 12 gauge with lead shot. Old boys club!!! “

“Experience of my hunting and fishing for 55 years I was elected to represent the gamebird hunting interests in the conservancy council that preceded fish and game in my region.I am a current NZPFGA guide since 1989.The local people in my district have lost the respect for the F&G which was once highly valued in the community .
For many years Local appointees were overlooked in favour of more ‘qualified’ staff who were not part of the region they served,this has not been helpful to keep the public engaged.Many appointed rangers were only short term who appeared mainly interested in additions to their CV rather than local people with skills to keep the community onside with F&G change. “

“It is very evident that F&G has reached its used by date and something mre fitting for the 21 century is required.
Miniserial harvising is not going to cut the mustard and will further enhace the rot that is very prevalent within the sector.
The acting minister would be better places with coming up with something more suitable for todays enviroment.
and not trying her hand at dragon slaying.
Her provocation just displays a complete lack of understanding of the portfolio she has signed into when taking on the positon.
Far from doing some house keeping she wants to smash the Ming vase and hive its contents.”

“anglers and hunters should be in charge of F&G. “

“It is essential that the NZF&GC is elected directly by licence holders and that there be NO special concessions for Maori or anyone else”

“Fish and Game needs to be a totally independent body from Government.
The Council needs modification and return to the grass roots of the regions.
The national body has become top heavy and the regional Councils need to connect with the people who put them there; ie the Anglers and Hunters and reflect their views.”

“Beware of Socialism taking away our freedoms/heritage!”

“Have concerns that Northland and Ak. Waikato would amalgamate. The Ak. Waikato Region is a large area in itself.
Although DOC manages the Taupo Fishery, I have concerns re their attitudes and policy as regards some introduced species. ie Trout.
Also this seems like the Trout Farming spectre will again raise its ugly head, with its unacceptable disease risks to NZ’s Wild Trout.
I well remember the issue back in 1969/70 when I first got into Trout Fishing and public opinion toppled the Government at the time.
I remember when Fish & Game took over and it was good news, as information and access pamphlets became readily available to new participants. I can only hope that this restructure is positive and keeps freshwater fishing available to the average angler and families, in NZ, rather than become the preserve of the privileged elite, who can afford to hire Guides to get them instant results, rather than be able to access and spend quality time in the outdoors honing their skills and finding good spots to enjoy this recreation.”

“F&G has been able to freely criticise Government policies due to it’s non affiliated construct.
It is important that it can maintain an independant voice.”

“DOC should not have any control over Fish and Game matters. “

“God help us!”

“Stop destroying our outdoors activities “

“The proposed method where the minister can appoint and remove without transparency leaves the sector held to ransom.
I am deeply concerned that despite paying the bills anglers and fishers will loose their ability to air their views without fear or favor.
It has been the case that trout farming has been considered too risky and without a specific study and consultation separate from these proposed reforms it should not change.”

“Provide a vital role to help protect rivers lakes streams and wetlands for the benefit of not only introduced fishing game that all other species and uses of those Waters that are non-consumptive.
Independents give them vital lobbying power to help provide better public outcomes.
Increase control by government will reduce that capability and provide a slant that could also jeopardise our game bird hunting and trout fishing on which our country is internationally renown.”

“Government overreach and bureaucratic interference is a serious problem in NZ especially under this current government.”

“F&G needs a shake-up, but it must remain in the hands of its members, not government stooges!”

“I think it is sad to see out butifull country being so environmently neglected. We are running out of time to save what we have. We need to act now!”

“While I believe the administration of NZ Fish & Game does require a shake up, and lets be honest – what boards don’t now and again, the results and changes required should only be determined by the people with a vested interest in the administration of NZ Fish and Game namely the license holders. The empire builders in DOC should keep their noses out. NZ Fish and Game (NZF&G) would not be able to afford to pay the appointed members of a board unless license fees were increased substantially, and that is a ‘no go’ area. Remain autonomous and accept NO Government moneys. A similar survey to this should go out to all license holders for their opinion. I would also suggest that there will be a lot of license holders that don’t even know that this review has even taken place. One of the biggest problems with people and organisations like NZF&G though is complacency. My fingers are crossed.”

“Fish and game should be managed for the people and by the people. Excessive ministerial oversight and ability to appoint councillors will erode the democratic nature of the council and undermine the peoples access to fish and game. “

“Hands off our fishing minister”

“There is nothing wrong with the way it is now. So don’t mess with it !!!”

“Fish and Game, previously The Acclimatisation Society, has always been managed by elected councillors, keep DOC out of it, don’t it increase Govt. involvement ( the way it is done now works ), and any Iwi member should be elected, not appointed. Every time GOVT. has forced review, changes and amalgamation it has been a disaster. Leave Fish and Game alone. Licence buyers are amateurs, not to be smothered by Govt. “

“Keep the government out of this and the iii”

“All council members should be hunting and fishing people no room for politics “

“We can clearly see the financial impact covid 19 has had on our regions that usually have a steady influx of international anglers. I would hope that international anglers are not deterred to travel to NZ to fish due to imposed rules like only allowing them to fish back country on certain days etc educating international anglers and most definitely guides and local anglers on stream etiquette as well as catch and release procedures needs to be promoted. Some guides and locals are using platforms such as YouTube to capitalise on our great trout fishing systems with their only objective being to fill their own pockets. Moving forward I think licence holders need to be educated on the effects social media can potentially have on delicate trout fisheries. I’m all for international and local anglers wanting to fish but pin pointing particular locations etc can be devastating on fish populations. Thanks”

“I think things are fine the way it is”

“This is the thin end of the wedge!!!!”

“Fishing licenses are too expensive .Should be cheaper for
retired people.”

“Fish and game council is licence fees funded, therefore the
councillors should be chosen on the democratic process not a
governmental appointment. “

“I f there be any OTHER appointed/elected council members let
them be the very LANDOWNERS where the very Hunting and Angling

“Why would clear thinking, conservation minded, love focused
human beings agree to more draconian over reach to legislate
people to their death? #Agenda20/30″

“Legislation hasn’t saved one single creature in nz “

“We need to stop this madness.”

“In the past F&G Council have had governance/conflict of
interest issues which greatly effected the efficiency of
Council and we lost some good people as a result. We do need
some mechanism to remedy this. I agree with the combination of
local offices, especially NMF&G and the West Coast, my area.
Elected vs paid appointees, numbers as it stands we do have
the option of co‐ opting other local Councillors. At all costs
we must ensure our independence. In my experience as a Public
Servant issues such as payment to attend meetings is left up
to the attendee ie he can elect to keep his salary payment for
the time away or take the meeting allowance, salary every
time. Paid vs unpaid is a very complex issue, l doubt F&G
without another stream of finance could afford to pay the
travel or attendance fees of the appointed Councillors. In my
experience a Councillor needs at least one term to become
familiar with the issues so max of 3 terms. “

“The key to this enquiry should be to reduce overall
administration costs and allow income from game bird hunting
and freshwater angling licences to be directed at the
enhancement of the sports. The direct involvement of the
Department of Conservation (which has absolutely no interest
in game bird hunting or trout/salmon fishing) in an
administration roll reeks of increased administration costs.
The Department of Conservation roll in wild animal control and
management v that of recreational deer/chamois and thar
hunting is an example.”

“I believe I have an ‘informed’ opinion of matters relating to
F&G having served over 25 years as a regional councilor and
multiple terms on the New Zealand Council. The effectiveness
of F&G was severely impacted by poor governance, blatant
conflicts of interest, unethical behaviors and extreme
parochialism, particularly at NZ Council level where some
members were appointed by their regions with a mandate to
effectively sabotage any actions which were perceived as
impacting on regional autonomy. F&G needs a good shake up to
introduce vastly improved standards of governance, streamline
its organizational structure, eliminate duplication of
functions. F&G needs to vastly improve its liaison with Iwi ‐
this is the new political paradigm and it must achieve greater
diversity in its representation. There is no evidence to
presume that Government/DoC appointees to F&G councils will be
other than people who are just as committed to the outdoors,
freshwater quality and game harvesting as hitherto elected
members. It is vital however that required amendments to the
Conservation Act do not reduce F&G’s advocacy responsibilities
nor impinge upon its independence from the Government of the
day ‐ i.e. F&G reports to Parliament.”

“Cannot see any reason for change other than Govt control.”

“Although there are issues with the current F&G way of
functioning, under no circumstance should the government be
sticking their nose into the way it operates. I have never
liked the fact that F&G comes under the umbrella of DOC.
Although it has the statutory obligation to manage fishing and
hunting, F&G should not be overseen by any government
department. It’s a blatant conflict of interest given the
obvious pressure that could be applied by the government to
influence decision making within F&G eg agriculture minister
could in all probability be against dirty dairying campaign.”

“Can not trust the labor government on this.”

“No thank you.”

“This govt is abusing their position of power left right and
centre. I’m sick of it.”

“I totally support Fish and Game in its efforts to keep our
rivers clean. I have been battling Local and Central
Governments to accept their responsibilities and dig out two
cars that are buried at Peach Island in the Motueka River.
These cars were buried on the instruction of a TDC compliance
officer. They did not have the automotive fluids drained from
them and this is now leaking into water. The TDC has breeched
the Litter Act and is liable to a $30000 fine so they’re
keeping their heads down on this, and refuse to acknowledge
these cars. I have reported this to the Ministers of the
Environment, Conservation, Health, Primary Industries, and
Land Information. All are not interested!”

“From what I can gather F&G has been a bit of a gravy train
for its employees. High salaries with low responsibilities and
accountability.Over the years I have seen less and less F&G
staff around. Needs a shake up. But the solution isn’t a
government takeover. Too many things are being put under a
central (Wellington) control. The more this happens the less
input ordinary people have in decisions. Actually the
opposite should be happening. More power to the people. “

“We need to support anything and everything that will rid NZ
of introduced pests such as possums, deer, thar, hedgehogs,
wasps, mynahs and countless other alien and invasive species.
In particular, bodies such as the Outdoors Party must be
prevented from asserting that they have a constitutional right
to kill and maim wild animals for their personal enjoyment. It
is fine to ERADICATE pests, but not to treat them as an
on‐going source of sport. “

“I have a farm on the **** river, I’m worried about it becoming
a SNA, just because it boarders the river, and they could
increase the buffer between farming and water ways.”

“I see this as another land grab by the Labour govt and see no
benefit to the hunting or fishing fraternity within New

“The council should remain INDEPENDENT from Government
influence, particularly with reference to monitoring,
reporting and maintaining clean water quality in our rivers.
They are our only watchdog against dairy farmers and forestry
destroying our rivers by use of chemicals,
(nitrates/phosphates) over‐production and outdated milling
practices. “

“This is becoming more and more apparent ,we are fighting a good vs evil battle . We were a nation founded on conservative Christian values ,[ at least on the surface ,the wakefield land grab is another story ].and really need to get back to those roots . Anybody with the ability to read ,should be able to figure out Socialism=Bad ,trouble is socialists will do literally anything to get and hold on to power .Kiwi’s are just not on the whole nasty enough to realize these people need to be removed and kept from any position of power . interesting in the states now they are suing in their ‘personal capacity ‘, the bad actors .When the pelosi’s,Shumer’s, Coumo’s ,whitmers et al are literally stripped of all assets , have to work an honest job to put food on their tables, we will be safer . Jacinda and Bloomfield have acted so badly ,we have to decide are they really stupid or just doing what they are told to do for a global agenda ,that is anti human freedom . Sadly the highest probability is the later . So you know we have the fall back of opting out of their system ,huge strides done establishing our universal God given rights . wyn-millar ,Gould , now Delores Cahill ,’world freedom alliance’ ,and ‘ ‘david adleman. in Aus ,[ ] and USA [ the healthy american ‘ ,or ],already people are starting separate republics, which looked very fringe a couple of years ago ,but rapidly gaining momentum . Last question is have you consulted with the military ,they must be concerned for the security of our nation !? . It looks like it was a group of US military that went to Trump saying they were about to stage a take over and kick the muslim OhBumAh out ,but Trump hatched a plan to use lawfull means to expose and take out the bad actors [ and boy just how bad is hard to comprehend ,images of kids in cages ,rape dogs and ritualistic sacrifice are mind scaring stuff ]. signs are that plan is coming to fruition , there have been clues Trump is actually in charge of pretty much every thing , the Saudis gave him the sword . he walked in front of the queen ,Macron came out of a private meeting looking shocked and wearing a plastic watch ,made in the usa from recycled pacific gyrr plastics . Putin gave trump the soccer ball ,and said ‘the ball is in your court now ‘ ! , way more but stuff to fill books , The Vatican is now a museum ! buckingham palace closed till further notice !? . my take ,there is a plan to save humanity ,the exposure and total destruction of big tech and big pharma is a messy part of it . I saw the ‘ voices for freedom ‘ girls did an interview with Reiner Feullmich , the other day , I suspect he is another key player worth following . Another guy on a mission to build systems based ground up civil movements is Dr Shiva Aaduri ‘ ‘.

Lets, Make Atearoa Godzone Again .God bless ** “

“I disprove strongly of any additional government interference in citizen-based action groups.

The government’s role is to represent and facilitate what WE decide collectively from the wisdom of our experience – not dictate their agenda, ignore our submissions and implement punishments, fees and taxes, regulations and deterrents to prevent our democratic decisions becoming reality.”

“Hunting helps to manage the larger pest species (Deer, goats, Pigs, possums) within our Native area’s. By reducing this it absolutely clear to me that numbers will become more out of control where more poisons are likely to be used or more costs to organisations that pay for the culling of these species. Where as hunting provides food for family’s which often struggle to put expensive supermarket meats on their tables. Is it so much as aiming to protect the land or is it stripping the rights of ones ability to feed ones family from Natural sources behind these crazy proposals. Taking control of food under the guise of protecting Nature. Hunting is protecting our Nature as these species are very destructive.”

“Altho F&G is not perfect it is not that broke that it needs drastic change. Maybe a bit of housekeeping but not direct gov. intervention or control.”

“This Government has to stop the degusting spread of 1080 over OUR LAND that poisons and kills everything that ingest it .”

“Great work. We need to restore democracy.”

“Fish and game should remain independant”

“Central government needs to butt out of our business.”

“As Doc and Government can not be trusted to do the right thing for our sport, as it is obvious that they are determined to remove all game animals, birds, and fish, as well as firearms and democracy. We will soon have no rights thanks to our politicians. National and Labour.”

“The current Fish and Game is not there for the ‘game’ and almost all funding goes to fishing. They currently are not proactive in enabling women into either game hunting or fishing, and from my perspective are doing everything possible to make the women sport shooter/fisherman a second class citizen.
Their secret meetings make approaching F&G difficult with a parochial barrier for the paying customer to try and implement change. They are a law unto themselves. “

“We need to control our environment not the government, we the people that spend time in it , not From people that sit in an office reading reports ,”

“I do not want to see the incompetent and inept DoC extend its influence any further. It needs to be disbanded. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Too many highly paid pen pushers and paper shufflers. Too much collusion with Rio Tinto. Let the citizen groups be free from government interference.”

“I am strongly opposed to any incursion by the Department of Conservation into the operations of Fish & Game.”

“Although centralisation may improve buying power and some large scale efficiencies, the corresponding divorce from local area knowledge and community support reduce overall efficiency especially with the micromanagement model espoused by the current govt. Also there will likely become a move towards a very bureaucrat top heavy system that will end up costing 5-10 times what is taken in with the licencing system currently in place burdening all nzers.”

“Central government needs to butt out of our business.”

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2 Responses to NZFFA Interim Survey Results – Unabridged Comments

  1. Frank Murphy says:

    It is beyond belief that Otago F&G would have Ray Grubb as there delegate to the NZF&G council. Frank Murphy.

  2. Dr. Charlie Baycroft says:

    There are many intelligent responses here but perhaps one factor has not been mentioned.
    The people who hunt and fish can be viewed as a distinct community which has its own culture, heritage, traditions and values that unite us in spite of other differences we might have.
    In general we respect the species that we hunt and gather whether for recreation or food much as our ancestors did for most of our human history.
    Outsiders, who have not become part of this community do not understand or respect its culture, values and traditions and many are definitely prejudiced against us. many of these prejudiced anti-hunting and fishing people are influential in the political parties and our central government “enterprises”.

    Fish and Game has been an organization of people in the hunting and fishing community that generally served us quite well because those administering and working in that organization were a part of our community.

    As time has passed the politically ambitious and active people have sought to increase the authority, power and control of central government over the rest of the people in a misguided belief that everyone else ought to conform to and comply with their beliefs and agendas.

    These “omnipotent moral busybodies” have a preference for some “communities” in our society and a prejudice against others that they do not approve of.

    Unfortunately the hunting and fishing “community” tends to be disapproved of.

    This take-over of Fish and Game by the people that have the most influence in the political system will enable them to impose their beliefs and agendas more effectively on a large group of citizens that they do not properly appreciate, understand or approve of.

    It is not just Fish and Game that is being taken over. It is the wide community of hunting and fishing people whose culture, traditions and heritage is being taken over.

    Our best response to this threat would be to join the main political parties in great numbers and oppose this discrimination and prejudice where it lives and is nurtured.

    If you care to do this, you will find small groups of 12 or less people attending monthly meetings at which they plan how to take more control of everyone else and select and promote their chosen representatives to become elected to implement their plans in our government.

    Democracy, they say, is government of by and for the people but what they did not tell you is that it is only BY, OF AND FOR the benefit of the minority of people that bother to become involved and influential in the political process.

    The membership of Fish and Game is probably at least THREE TIMES greater than that of all the political parties.

    We have the numbers and could have the influence we need if enough people would stop complaining and front up.

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