Clarification of NZFFA – F&G Position

, Clarification of NZFFA – F&G Position

The NZFFA December 2020 and January and March 2021 newsletters published certain allegations and comments that stated or implied inappropriate actions on the part of the Fish and Game New Zealand Council and its officer holders.
Although it is an objective of NZFFA to keep the public informed and it encourages open discussion by its members, members’ honestly held opinions may cause harm and we must always ensure that any comments are accurate and presented in good faith.
Whilst NZFFA supports its members to voice their opinions, it believes that the allegations and comments may have deviated from the values that NZFFA wishes to promote and as a result those Newsletters have been removed from NZFFA website.
The NZFFA apologises for any offence, hurt or humiliation that some of the allegations and comments in its Newsletters may have caused to the New Zealand Fish and Game Council and to its Chair Mr Grubb and its acting Chief Executive Mr Shortis.

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6 Responses to Clarification of NZFFA – F&G Position

  1. ken lloyd says:

    i note there was a resignation from a north canterbury member is this a coincidence or the result of falling on ones sword

    • Charles Henry says:

      I see no reason for anyone to “fall on their sword”, as what was said needed saying so desperately.
      The results of the government review confirm the disfunction and chaos within the organisation.
      Just a pity the report concludes with recommendations to effectively Nationlise Fish & Game

    • Michael Gregg says:

      The fallout from this activity resulted in a number of resignations from the Executive, Ken. I hope that this apology signals a more professional attitude towards NZF&G officials from the remaining implicated NZFFA Executives.

  2. Dave Rhodes says:

    There are many levels of “Corruption”, and I’m glad to say I still retain a copy of those newsletters. This article persuaded me to re-read them to see what the fuss is about.
    So, NZFFA used language which it looks as though caused Fish and Game to demand an apology. Knowing Ray Grubb it would be spiteful and full of acrimony.
    But corruption can be simply an abuse of power, it doesn’t have to imply fiscal infidelity. Bullying, intimidation, sexual abuse, exceeding authority – all count as corruption to one degree or another.
    Abuse of power seems to be a common theme we hear whispers about from F&G insiders.
    Wonder to what extent these are true – the recently released report unmasks much of it. Given that, how on earth can the Minister appoint Grubb to oversee the dramatic changes required? Fox in charge of the henhouse seems appropriate.

    NZFFA - New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers

  3. Angler Pete says:

    Fair call

  4. Stewart Hydes says:

    Surely, given the situation .. Ray Grubb could never be the man who accepts any paid position .. that would be too much of a conflict of interest, and would cause / exacerbate far too much dissent and division?

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