Survey Results for June 2023

Results for the last week of June are in, and whilst only a modest amount of entrants so far, the results are nonetheless fascinating. Help us by completing the survey here

, Survey Results for June 2023
, Survey Results for June 2023
, Survey Results for June 2023

You can easily participate by completing the very short 3 question survey here or click the image below

, Survey Results for June 2023

PS. Sadly we dont get to choose the colours of the survay political parties – so here it is as a
‘legend to avoid confusion

, Survey Results for June 2023
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2 Responses to Survey Results for June 2023

  1. Dave Rhodes says:

    Lots of undecided voters there, with a few voting National. Don’t understand why ACT isn’t showing up? But good to see nothing for Labour/Greens!

  2. Peter Trolove says:

    The undecided voters may reflect the lack of positive environmental policies from Act and National.
    Labour has made some meager concessions to environmental protection such as the 2020 NPS FM standards, but Three Waters and the Natural and Built Environment Act are unpalatable.

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