NZ Lakes Are Ailing With Health Issues

 “The Guardian” reports Only 2% of New Zealand’s large lakes are in good health, bleak report finds.

The number of cows has nearly doubled in a generation, and the resulting fertiliser and irrigation needs are having a devastating impact.

A new report, however, reveals the dire state of many of the country’s fresh waterways: contaminated by thousands of sewage overflows, flooded with nutrient pollution, blooming with toxic algae, risking public health and rendered unswimmable to the communities that have lived by them for years.

The ministry of environment report found just 2% of large lakes were in “good or very good” health. More than half – 55% – of the country’s total river length showed “moderate or severe impairment” from organic pollution or nutrient enrichment – typically caused by effluent and runoff from farming, and 45% of rivers were unswimmable, due to campylobacter infection risk.

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4 Responses to NZ Lakes Are Ailing With Health Issues

  1. K J Andrews says:

    Even scientists are now accusing Labour of broken promises on improving the deteriorated (and continuing to deteriorate) state of New Zealand’s lakes and rivers with the latest report showing total failure after nearly six years of Labour in Government.
    The Greens are part of the failure too. They are supposed to be “greenies”, ardent environmentalists. However they have been hijacked by the likes of co-leader Marama Davidson and her social engineering.
    Also don’t forget National in the John Key years when Environment Minister Nick Smith was in total denial over the parlous state of the rivers. Do not forget National’s state takeover of Environment Canterbury in order to facilitate corporate, large scale dairying onto the low rainfall area of South Canterbury and Canterbury.
    Not that National promised to clean up rivers. Jacinda Ardern did promise twice at least just before 2017 and 2020 elections. Yes – blah blah.

  2. Brian Watts says:

    The report shows the hypocrisy of Jacinda Ardern being appointed to Prince William’s to the Board of Trustees of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize.
    How can she in all honesty accept the invitation?
    Does Prince William know of her failure, despite six years as Prime Minister, to honour her pledges?

  3. G Henderson says:

    It’s not just the lakes that are being polluted.

    Newshub (14 April 2023) reported a farming company was convicted and fined $78,000 for unlawfully discharging dairy effluent into Raglan streams.
    The company was also ordered to put systems in place to properly manage dairy effluent.

    The court reports carry many similar such cases. This is the hidden cost of the Kickstart Breakfast programme for schoolchildren to which Fonterra contributes.

  4. Karl Lorenz says:

    Relating to Brian Watts’ comment, I concur. Jacinda Ardern and the Labour and Green Parties pledged to clean up waterways, i.e. lakes, rivers and streams first before 2017 election then bef0re the 2020 election. They were hollow, insincere promises.

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