Vested Interests in Big Agriculture

Dr Mike Joy on our Local Water Quality » Crux

Mike Joy’s incisive description of how money trumps freshwater regulation

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  1. Dr. Charlie Baycroft says:

    Mike, you are an admirable, sincere and knowledgeable person.

    Just the sort of individual that the people in control of our current government have little time for.

    In this greedy age we live in one only needs to follow the money to find the truth that is well hidden behind the propaganda.

    The influential people in our political parties and government departments (most of whom would not be able to manage a small business) delude themselves with the notion that they are business people.

    In reality they mostly only know how to take and spend more and more of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.
    Spending other peoples is easy and requires no talent, expertise, ability or accountability because one can always make up a plausible story to “justify” the expenditure.

    In such a culture the desire for more revenue to spend will obviously be the main priority.

    The way of dealing with the adverse consequences related to the generation of this increased revenue will always be denial, rationalization and propaganda to justify that what is being done is beneficial for the people who are being forced to pay the price.

    Business is by definition transactions between willing buyers and sellers of desired goods and services.
    Government employees are not in business because they provide very few if any desired products or services to willing buyers.

    What they do instead is to legislate regulations, fees, permits, levies, fines and taxes to force people to pay for things they might not desire, need or benefit from.
    Anyone that does not comply and pay is then threatened and punished.

    As you have said we have or are reaching a “tipping point” where the degradation of our fresh water resources will probably become a real crisis but the people who have allowed the degradation to continue little by little will not be accountable because they will blame someone else or perhaps “climate change”, which seems to be the excuse de jour for everything they have messed up.

    The notion that fresh water is a commodity is totally irrational because it is constantly changing form and location, cannot be owned by anyone and is a necessity for all life on this planet.

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