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So, you now know what a fly is, what it is intended to do, who makes them and where to get them. Let’s get back to that question: 

What are the best trout flies for fly fishing in New Zealand?

With revered patterns such as the Humpy, Coch-y-Bonddu, Ginger Mick, Simon’s Ugly, Parachute Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Kakahi Queen, Parson’s Glory, Bunny Leech, Woolly Bugger or the not to be spoken of Squirmy… How could we choose just one fly from the comically-named list? 

And if we were to choose a dry fly, is that unfair to pheasant tail nymphs, wet flies, streamers… or vice versa? 

To us, the best fly is the one that makes you feel enchanted. It makes you dream of its potential. It makes you want to go up that river, and go fishing for the beast of a rainbow or brown trout you saw last season. 

The emotion an angler experiences as they set the hook and feel the power of a serious New Zealand trout on a fly is individually seductive. It gives an angler the addictive, euphoric feeling that self-confessed adrenaline junkies will be left gasping. 

Whichever fly is on the end of your leader or tippet on that day, at that moment, is (to us) the best fly of all time.

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  1. Dr. Bottelier says:

    Methinks the writer is saying, fish the fly you have confidence in.
    That is sound advice.

  2. "Sparse Grey Hackle" says:

    Every angler, no matter the time they’ve put into the sport, develops a set of confidence fly patterns that grows and evolves as they learn.
    As an angler develops, their list changes from flies that were simply appealing, to those that catch fish. Often just one or two fish caught on a pattern are enough to inspire some confidence, though it usually takes a few more to make it a true confidence fly.

  3. Jason Foord says:

    Given the fact that 80% of a trout’s diet is aquatic insects then if I had to pick just one fly… a generic, size 12 dark or gold bead head nymph.

  4. Bud jones JonesQSM says:

    I’ve not had a serious, accurate count up tally from my diary1967–2015 lately but for another purpose I was requested to provide my tally from one river to assess trending of trout numbers 1970-2015 which was 419 on my fav. fly, 2.5lbs– 8 lbs.
    But since the kiwi miguided attitude to kill every fish caught & the lethal nature of my pattern I shall not reveal the little killer hero. An accurate count one day of start to finish will reveal well over a1000 taken only counted if 2.5 lbs plus & successfully beached, vast majority then released.
    Don’t give me that”Yeah Right” crap either. This ain’t no fish tail,It’s a tale of fishy truth, It’s all in “the book”!! I’m a compulsive record keeper, my thought was to record the old days, to silence doubters & when faced with grand kids gathered round,”OK grampa time to finish your Port & off to bed”. Also there “really were good ole days”, not a dry bed of boulders.& before maoris own the water.
    What I can reveal for those active enough to rsearch the superb American caddis pattern– fly, “Henryville special”for the vening rise or after dark listening for the sucking slurp, strike at the slurp/ “squeep”!Succk in air through your teeth, rapidly to pull in your cheeks inclosed a slurp sound,that’s the strike signal. Stand on the edge of the Waitaki just500mtrsabove the Kurow bridge nice beach edge on dusk or dark or dark swarmingwith caddis & slashing rainbows, need plenty of backing for enthusiastic 6lbs zipping out & down picking up the heavy current in summer .Scout the spot first so you can see the situation, a road leads over left turn off Hakateremia road to a steepish grassy face down to the edge is easy up & down, try skidding the Henryville to attract attention, full moon no good, darker the better,[fishing/casting to slurp sound, lots of grease ed leader & fly float gue.Use Dunkley special float”-shave paper thinscrapes off a wax candle with your pocket knife into your tiny bottle for goo, fill with white spirit/any solvent which will desolve the wax.Dunk your dry fly in the bottle,give it a blow to remove excess, air will evaporate the liquid leaving an even coat of wax on hackles, great floater!

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