A Promising Fly Lure Pattern

by Tony Orman

Consulting Doctor Google on the computer about trout fishing, trout flies and other fishy matters is a great winter pastime which we didn’t used to have. The other day I came across a very good looking night fly lure by an American David Klausmeyer  who is also the author of several fly fishing and tying books. His two newest books are 101 Favorite Dry Flies and 101 Favorite Nymphs and Wet Flies (both by Skyhorse Publishing).
David Klausmeyerlisted some fly patterns  but one in particular interested me. It was the Mohair Leech, somewhat reminiscent of the late John Morton’s Hob ail Boot..
Here’s the details:-
Hook: 4X-long streamer hook, sizes 8 to 4.
Thread: Size 6/0 (140 denier).
Tail: Marabou and a couple of strands of Krystal Flash.
Body: Mohair yarn (purchased at a crafts store) wrapped on the hook shank.
“Rather than the Woolly Bugger (boring!), I am offering the Mohair Leech (more interesting) as our first fly. This example came from my own fly box; I believe in the pattern and use it on a regular basis. Make a few wraps of heavy wire on the hook shank to add weight, or omit the weight to create a pattern that hovers in the water column. Tie a shaggy body, and pick out some strands of mohair using your bodkin. Tie this simple pattern in black, olive, and purple, and you’ll quickly be catching trout and bass,” wrote David.
Wet fly lures such as this can work well in the daytime when rivers are slightly discoloured in spate after overnight rain or clearing after a bigger flood.

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